Foosball 2D

Foosball 2D, Table Football, Table Soccer . Now you can carry a whole

Foosball table and football game around in the pocket of your mobile and
play any time.
Keep fit, play sport, well at least it will keep your
fingers fit as you sit there on the sofa pitching your two favorite
teams in battle.
Choose your favorite team from top 10 world ranked
country. Select your preferable stadium and win goal limit then start
play and do battle on the stadium ground with our Foosball 2D.

- 2D graphics
- Quick match and Tournament play.
- Choose your favorite football team country.
- Choose your preferable stadium.
- Adjustable number of goals to win the game.
- Player jersey country wise selection.
- Spin the players by sliding your finger.
- Play tournament win match and increase world rank point.
- Win tournament match to bring your team on top in world rank.
- XP based leaderboard and tournament trophy based leaderboard.
- Tournament achievement record feature.


foosball2d1.0.apk 39 MB
Jul 30, 2017

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